I don’t know if you noticed, but lately seems to be no place for patience in this world in which we live. We all want to quickly finish our studies, get a job with high salary, have a perfect relationship and many friends, but without putting much effort to it. I’m sorry, but Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Things don’t fall from the sky. Miracles don’t happen.

Maybe you know someone that has everything they wanted, and to you it may seem like they are born under a lucky star. But the truth is far from it. What you can’t see just by observing is that this person sought to achieve what they have. If it’s a good job, I’m sure they used to work days and nights for a penny, trying as much as possible, fighting for their dreams. If it’s a loving relationship, they both worked for a long time, motivating each other to be better people as well as talking quietly and with an understanding of all the problems and obstacles they face. The same goes for friendships…

Today these examples can rarely be seen in reality. We hear how people don’t even try to fight for the job of their dreams just because they don’t have connections, or because they failed to reach the desired goal in just one week. Some of them don’t even bother trying because to them, this job seem difficult or impossible. There are others who aren’t willing to work for low pay because they think deserve more, so they stay at home, watching movies and TV shows 24/7 and allow their lives to become meaningless. As for relationships, love or friends, people break up or stop hanging out everyday just because they don’t talk, don’t solve the problems on time or because they decided it was easier to be single or alone without friends. What do you think is common to all these problems? Patience!

So how do you expect to get the highest promotion if you don’t have the patience to pass all stages leading up to it? You will pay for your way up? You will transform to invertebrates and become someone’s slave just because you haven’t had enough patience to make your own way to success? Or, you will just stay at home till the end of your life? The only people who succeed in life are those who passionately move along the path of their dreams. And those who have the patience, who don’t give up at the first obstacle.

You have a choice to make. Will you end up alone and miserable for the rest of your life without the love and support of friends or partner just because you didn’t had the patience to listen when you were most needed? Because you don’t like taking 2 minutes of your precious time and commitment for them? Your closest friends? The love of your life? And then others are to blame because you don’t have the job of your dreams, because you’ve lost contact with your friends or because you aren’t with the person you love?

Start taking responsibility for your actions. And start exercising patience, because without it, you will not go far. Even if by some chance you manage to succeed in some of this areas, this success won’t last if you don’t try to hold on to it – and without patience, believe me, it will quickly perish.


5 thoughts on “Patience”

  1. If we all had a little more patience, this world would be amazing… But people forget about this quality, and that’s why we all live miserable lives…


  2. I was told this week I was LUCKY because of my job and other stuff. Luck had nothing to do with it. I went to school, studied hard, took some crap jobs to make ends meet. Saved, invested to get where I am at today.


  3. Awesome speech here about patience and pure luck. Everyone is different and they observe in each other differently. I admire actors & actresses because they work hard and are really lucky to have the job that they have and make big big bucks!


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