What makes you human? Is it intelligence? Logic? Emotions? No, my friends. Those are just big words scattered throughout our brains and have nothing to do with humanity. That elusive thing that is hidden deep inside of us, barely grasping for life. That little thing which humans successfully have learned how to keep under control and which comes out only when they plan to use it for manipulation. Yes. You read it right. “Humanity” becomes visible only when people can use it to gain something. Only when they think it is the only way to reach their cause. If this is true, then it looks like “humanity” has lost its meaning. Or maybe we are talking about something completely different? 

Now I am going to ask you again. What makes you human? Go on, tell me. What’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Is it reason? Consciousness? Empathy? No. Wrong again. You are still trying to explain humanity with big words whose meaning vary from person to person. We are spinning in circles, have you noticed? From the first moments we became aware of our existence, we are trying to understand more about us. We are trying to find out who we are and to reach closer to our soul like our life depends on it. Why? Maybe we have some deep emptiness inside of us which can’t be filled with anything. Some people believe that this emptiness will disappear when they will get their diploma, or when they will find their dream job. Others are trying to fill it with the help of other people, so they get married and have their own kids. Also there are people who gave up from the idea to fill this dark void, so they have started with self-destructive behavior, like alcohol or drugs. So has someone ever managed to find a way to feel whole? No. Of course not. The emptiness is still there. And it will continue to exist in our body, following us in every step we take, without making a sound, till the end of our life.

Can you answer my question now? No? Me neither! And I blame this emptiness for that. I believe that long time ago it was filled with humanity. But humanity has been long lost. That’s why we are also lost. It doesn’t matter how successful we are, we always want more. And more. And more… Nothing is ever enough. There is always something missing. And if you ask me, that something is humanity. For centuries, we have been exposed to fast life and everyday struggles for survival and that’s why we have forgotten what it means to be human. We have forgotten about our existence and we have focused only on our achievements. I mean, today you are nobody if you haven’t accomplished something. Right? Correct me if I’m wrong. And now what? We have to accept the fact that we are so far away from our roots that we are not supposed to call ourselves human anymore? Think about it.

I firmly believe that we can’t give up. Imagine the things we could do if we find it in us again. That mysterious thing that makes us human. Humanity. And imagine how much prouder we could be of ourselves. And how much happier with our lives. We will never feel this dark void in us again, this emptiness that is dragging us down. It will be filled with warmth and will become our source of energy. And health. And love.


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