I must admit that yesterday was one of those days when I didn’t had time to breathe. I was so busy that I couldn’t even open my blog and see what’s new or watch at least half an episode from my favorite TV shows (believe me, I always find time for my shows!). And above all, you should have seen the weather here. Oh, it was so dark and rainy I thought it was the end of the world…

The thing is that the day before, I made a deal with myself that I would leave my car behind. I wanted to stretch my legs a little, breathe some fresh air and this was supposed to be the perfect opportunity for that. But… Things never go the way we plan, right? So, as I was driving, being mad at the clouds, I realized that the rain was just another excuse I made to keep myself in my comfort zone. And I can’t explain exactly how it all happened, but I parked my car at the nearest free parking space and I got out. Because I forgot my umbrella at home (as usual), without even thinking about it, I just started walking on the rain, going from place A to place B and C until I finished all my responsibilities.

At the end of the day I was soaking wet, but I felt amazing. Free. Alive. For the first time in my life I didn’t allowed something so ordinary like the rain, to make me feel helpless and powerless. I was smiling like a little kid all day, and I think I really needed that. I think we all need moments like that. To remind us that we are in control of our life and that we can be happy if we just choose to smile.

The most magical part of this experience? The way the rain was gently stroking my face, like it wanted to tell me that I’m not alone in this chaotic world. And that was the reason why I was inspired to share this story. I wanted to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, despite everything that’s stopping you, and just get out and walk in the rain. Don’t think about the bad stuff, about the problems, or the bad weather. Focus on yourself and your needs, and you will be happier than ever. Believe me.


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