I have been in several debates with different people about the meaning of the word “happiness”. It looks like a lot of people believe that happiness is momentary explosion of positive emotions which consume you completely and that our life is composed of this small moments of positive energy, mutually connected with boring, negative or simple everyday periods. But, I do not agree with this opinion. If you ask me, this definition of happiness looks more like euphoria. Of some kind of hyperactivity which is caused by positive events. That is definitely not happiness. 

I believe that happiness is a long lasting feeling that we all experience in small daily doses. It comes in a form of internal peace, calmness and good mood. This feeling motivates you to start and finish your everyday tasks, at home or at work, easy and effortlessly. This feeling inspires you to become a better person every day, to get to know yourself better, to become more mindful, to explore your wishes and needs, and to do whatever it takes to make them real. This feeling also helps you to feel. Happiness allows you to live in harmony with yourself and with the people closest to you.

What happens if you believe in the other definition of happiness, the one which describes it like momentary overflow of positivity? By constantly searching this big and intensive moments you start to forget to enjoy in the little things that could be more fulfilling for you than you could ever imagine. You will desperately search for this euphoria, ignoring every good thing that is actually happening to you at the moment and with every step you will fall deeper and deeper towards depression.

The human body was not designed for long term exposure to strong emotions, good or bad, but it can easily interpret even the smallest or invisible things that have the power to make you feel happiness. Real happiness. Forget about euphoria and look deep inside you. You already have happiness in you, so all you have to do is find it. And never forget, if you want to make someone happy, first YOU have to be happy!


13 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. I totally agree that happiness is more long term. There are events and activities that make us happy or cause us pleasure, but happiness is more of a state of being. It is something that is built of all kinds of moments. And first being happy with who YOU are is the best way to achieve a longer-lasting happiness.

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    1. Thanks, it makes me really happy when I find people who share my opinion… I also looked at your blog, you have really nice posts. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  2. I’m with you on this one. Happiness is long term and it’s the little things that make our days better that bring us this feeling. I live by this quote “create a life you don’t need a vacation from”. I try to make all my days enjoyable, I don’t want to wait for a super holiday to enjoy.

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